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Smoulder is the colour pop of this collection, and what a tone! Not quite red, not quite pink, not quite coral but rather the ultimate muted red-orange that we find echoed throughout Tolkien’s work. We see it in his map accents, many drawings, inks and even on book covers. This colourway was the trickiest to create and is the hardest to photograph; please note that colours may vary from screen to screen and this colourway is not a true ‘bright’ but rather gently muted to make it highly wearable!

  • Our Yarn Bases

    Luxe Sock: Our ‘Luxe Sock’ is a fingering/sock weight 4-ply yarn made from 85% superwash extrafine merino and 15% nylon.  approx. 400m/100g

    Tweedy Sock: Our ‘Tweedy Sock’ is a fingering/sock weight yarn made from 75% superwash extrafine merino wool, 15% nylon & 10% neps.  approx. 400m/100g

    Silky Singles: Our Silky Singles Yarn is a fingering/sock weight single ply yarn made from 75% superwash extrafine merino and 25% mulberry silk.  approx. 400m/100g

    Luxe DK: Our Luxe DK base is a double knit/worsted yarn made up of 100% superwash extrafine merino.  approx. 200m/100g (Please note that this is different to our previous Merino DK base so get in touch separately if you need something matching with a previous purchase)

    Tweedy DK: Our ‘Tweedy DK’ is a double knit/worsted weight yarn made from 75% superwash extrafine merino wool, 15% nylon & 10% neps.  approx. 225m/100g

    Luxe Cash DK: Our 'Luxe Cash DK' base is a double knit/light worsted yarn made up of 80% superwash extrafine merino, 10% cashmere, 10% nylon.  approx. 225m/100g

    Luxe Sport: Our 'Luxe Sport' base is a sport/light DK yarn made up of 100% superwash extrafine merino.  approx. 300m/100g

    Suri Silk Fluff: Our ‘Suri Silk Fluff’ is a lace weight yarn made from 75% Brushed Baby Suri Alpaca and 25% Mulberry Silk. approx. 300m/50g

    Luxe Chunky Base: Our 'Luxe Chunky' Yarn’ is a chunky/bulky weight yarn with a lovely twist made from 100% superwash extrafine merino wool.  approx. 100m/100g

  • Please Note

    • All yarn is hand dyed in a smoke-free, cat-friendly environment. (I don’t let him play with the yarn, though he’d love to!)
    • Please wind into a ball or cake before use. 
    • While every effort is made to colour match photos, please be aware that colours may vary between monitors.
    • As these skeins are hand dyed, we recommend alternating them through a larger project to avoid an obvious change when a new skein is used. A small amount of dye run is to be expected in the first wash; please wash on its own for the first time.
  • Washing Advice

    With all our yarn bases, we recommend hand washing cold and laying flat to dry. We recommend using a small amount of wool wash, find our favourite here

    A very small amount of dye run is possible, though unlikely, especially with very rich, dark or bright colours, so we do recommend washing on it's own the first time.

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