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(Mis)adventures #1: The adventure begins

“I don’t have time.” “It looks too hard.” "Do men even knit?" *

These are some of the reasons I haven’t started to knit yet. Despite my wife running her own yarn-related business for around a year now, and seeing first hand how much she loves knitting and the positive impact it has on her mental health, I’ve always thought it’s her thing, not mine. But not for long...

Sometimes, trying to be a good Daddy and husband while also working full-time, I feel like I can’t stop and rest because there’s always something more to be done. I’ve known in theory for a long time how important rest is, and that it's healthy to have a hobby to ensure you take some time away from your responsibilities to enjoy something for yourself (I even wrote about all this here!). For some reason, though, I still find it hard to apply to my own life, but this is as good a time as any to make a change.

And even though I'm surrounded by it, knitting still looks very hard, but at least yarn is less scary to me than it used to be. For a while now I’ve been slowly getting more involved with Laura’s business: washing up the pans, then writing blogs, and now even washing the yarn itself sometimes, so now it seems less of a completely alien world. Like eyes growing accustomed to the dark, I feel that instead of looking into pitch-black I’m beginning to make out dim outlines, and the thought of continuing that journey and actually being able to see clearly is exciting! Her yarn is so beautiful and it would be amazing if I could actually make something out of it too and experience the same joys that she does.

So, what’s next? Well, first I should probably ask Laura if I can borrow some knitting needles. Then, I need to convince her to let me use her yarn. And finally, I’ll pick up a spare copy of Knit How that’s on a shelf in our study (available to buy here) and hope for the best! ** Over the next couple of months I'll give you a glimpse into my journey and share things I've learned, and hopefully we can share the frustrations and the joys together.

When did you start knitting (or crocheting, or whatever craft you do)? Have you got any words of wisdom for me before I start? Wish me luck - and watch this space!

* Yes, there are plenty of men who knit, and there's no reason why they can't! How crazy is it that in 2021 this even crosses my mind?!

** Since writing this I've got some of Laura's beautiful Fireside yarn on a DK base, some 4mm and 5mm needles, and I'm loving the book so far! However, despite my best efforts and a good few minutes just trying to tie a slip knot I've not actually managed to cast on... This is going to be fun!

-- James

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