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3 Great Reasons to Give Yarncraft a Go

I am loving this (totally made-up!) term at the moment: y a r n c r a f t. It seems to perfectly sum up everything I love about crafts. It rolls off the tongue beautifully and makes me dream of long, dark winter nights, cosied up in an overstuffed armchair, knitting needles in my hands, yarn trailing across the floor and flames gleaming in the hearth. There's an irresistible simplicity in sitting down with nothing but your hands and yarn and creating something from nothing. Whether your thing is crochet, knitting, sewing or whether you're not sure yet, here's three reasons to give yarncraft a (or perhaps another!) go:

1 // Yarncraft brings mindfulness and well-being

It's a known fact that having a hobby is fantastic for your mental well-being, but the act of yarncraft in and of itself is definitely a mindful one. The repetitive nature of one stitch after the other, the physicality of the needles in your hands and the yarn running through your fingers, combined with the satisfaction of creating something beautiful (if a bit wonky!) at the end, all leads to a wonderful sense of wholeness and wellness.

2 // Yarncraft connects us to other people

You would not believe how many times I've been approached by a stranger whilst knitting. Seriously, it's like having a cute baby or playful dog with you; it somehow gives people permission to overcome their British awkwardness and exchange a few pleasant words. I'm a distinctly introverted person, but the conversations that have ensued from these interactions have been overwhelmingly positive. (and you've always got the option of feigning a serious mistake that needs all your attention if you want get-out-of-jail-free-card!)

3 // Never be bored in a waiting room again

A little project bag, a make on the go, and you'll always have something to do while waiting for your bus, doctor or even your date. Many yarncrafts are quick to pick up and put down so you always have a time-filler with you. (that doesn't involve hiding behind a phonescreen!)

Why do you love your yarncraft?

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